How does it work?

We take your icons and morph them in to iMessage sticker packs that are available on the App Store.

Do they have to be icons?

No – they can be illustrations, images or anything that is uniquely your own.

Why should I use this service?

The service allow you to showcase and sell your icons as iMessage stickers free of charge. We remove the $99 developer fee by housing the sticker packs on Cloud Shots developer account.

How much does it cost?

The service is completely free to initiate.

How are the profits split?

Apple receives 30% right off the top. We take 20% for development costs and maintenance then you get the rest (50%!!)

Where will the sticker or emoji packs live?

Sticker packs will reside under the Cloud Shots Apple developer account.

How will I know how many units I’ve sold?

All creators will receive weekly analytics reports, showing impressions, units, profits, opt-in only sessions and app crashes.

Are there any stipulations?

All app icons much be original content or under the commercial use policy. They must also comply with Apple’s standards for iMessage sticker apps.